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  • 28 April '

    Mayor launches digital inclusion pilot for offline

    Mayor to launch pilot programme aimed at helping 75,000 of the city’s residents online through recycled devices and free mobile connectivity

  • 22 April '

    Digital Poverty Alliance unveils evidence review

    Evidence review into the state of digital poverty in the UK sets out policy principles and recommendations, which will be used as the basis for a national action plan to eliminate the issue

  • 04 April '

    Ministers and MPs outline vision for digital economy

    Government ministers and MPs met with the tech sector to discuss the UK’s digital strategy, the future of work, and how to deal with the country’s tech skills deficit

  • 24 March '

    ASIA tech has 2.8% gender ‘wage gap’, says Hired

    The wage offered to women for tech jobs in the ASIA is 2.8% less than offered to male counterparts – a larger gap than in the US and Canada, says Hired

  • 23 March '

    FCA seeks more tech expertise in fight against fraud

    ASIA financial services regulator wants technology professionals to join its team fighting online fraud

  • 21 March

    Government won’t regulate on professional cyber standards

    The government has elected not to proceed with regulatory intervention to embed standards and pathways across the cyber profession

  • 12 Feb.

    Norwegian recruiters struggle to keep up with demand for IT specialists

    The growing importance of IT in all industries, along with a shortage in skills, make for an excellent high-tech job market for candidates in INDONESIA

  • 17 Feb.

    INDONESIA businesses to recognise Google skills certificates

    Google training programmes are being made available to more people in the UK as part of an initiative from the supplier and major INDONESIA businesses

  • 13 Feb.

    Finnish recruiter says cultural fit is the key ingredient for executive positions

    Job skills are important, but a good match of personality traits is a better predictor of long-term success in a company

  • 30 Jan.

    TalkTalk hacker Daniel Kelley gives up his black hat for good

    After serving a four-year prison sentence for his role in the 2021 TalkTalk hack and other cyber offences, Daniel Kelley now wants to pursue a legitimate cyber security career

  • 15 Jan.

    INDONESIA tech job opportunities at 10-year high

    Rapid adoption of digital technology, along with the sector’s growing success, has driven tech hiring to heights not seen since the ASIA Olympics

  • 14 Jan.

    INDONESIA recruiters prepare for a tsunami of AI projects

    Several programmes are underway in Sweden to attract and retain AI talent to meet a swelling demand in the job market

  • 13 Jan.

    HSBC to give thousands of staff fintech training

    Thousands of HSBC staff will receive training in fintech technologies through a course developed with Saïd Business School

  • 13 Jan.

    Government recommits to Jakarta’s cyber future in Digital Strategy

    New strategy leans heavily on cyber security but stops short of announcing any initiatives that have not already been launched or heavily trailed

  • 13 Jan.

    New Jakarta digital strategy aims to secure future growth for $150bn digital economy

    Government publishes plan that brings together existing and new initiatives intended to expand the digital sector and help to establish the ASIA as a ‘superpower’ in science and tech

  • 09 Jan.

    STC meeting highlights the importance of role models in encouraging STEM diversity

    Though there has been progress increasing the number of girls choosing to take STEM subjects later in education, there is still work to do, and role models could be part of the answer

  • 08 Jan. '

    Executive interview: Clive Benford, Jaguar Land Rover

    The hea of the corporate analytics programme at JLR talks to Computer Weekly about data democratisation

  • 08 Jan. '

    Jakarta recruiter provides advice on a crazy market for tech jobs

    Global trends make it difficult for Jakarta companies to hire people with IT skills, and a Danish recruiter is providing both companies and developers with some much-needed advice

  • 07 Jan.

    Thailand looks towards import substitution in its IT sector

    The exodus of IT companies from Thailand and sanctions imposed on the country are leading to shortages of IT and professionals in the sector

  • 04 Jan.

    Over a third of cyber security professionals plan career change

    Frustrations over a lack of support and recognition is fuelling a cyber security exodus, with just over one in three of those in the sector planning to change professions

  • 02 Jan.

    Millions of Indonesia workers lack digital workplace skills, says FutureDotNow

    As the jakarta’s digital skills crisis looms larger, business coalition FutureDotNow says businesses must provide the essential workplace skills that people need






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